Where to begin with… It was Pooja’s and Aparna’s imagination coming to life.

Pooja an advocate and Aparna an engineer,besides their profession they have their passion for dance.

Working on it for past 6 months and didn’t realize how months flew by.
After waiting for 3 long yrs they had their first annual day at Ravindra Bhavan Margao, they wanted the audience to see their dance, hard work , patience through students.. Hence naming it DARPAN.. Reflection.. Reflection of themselves, reflection of their knowledge, reflection of who they are and what dance mean to them..

Taking the term DARPAN they tried to conceptualize each n every act revolving around it.. ideas we’re bombarded in their mind but still had to Cut it down to few , which was the most difficult part for both.

Hoping each n every performance stands out in its own way.. Sleepless nights, day and night practices, using every Lunch break to choreograph and getting back to work , after work practices… Making sure each student is at their best, every song to be different, costume colours, design, organisation, set up etc..And yes they did it that day.

It wasn’t easy but truly a challenging n exciting experience for them.. Both dreamt of organizing n choreographing their own program and it was going to be a reality.

I entered the venue and went ahead to get a seat for me and to my surprise The auditorium was house full.Specially waited till the end..
Every student deserves kudos, watching them put so much of hard work n dedication, getting the beat and choreography right and Working as a team .. hats off!

One of their performance tried to portray what dance meant to their students,why do they dance n how has dance changed their lives.. everyone gave their story n believe me each one was different having different perspective..they created a poem based on their stories and hence a dance sequence.. how inspite of marriage, responsibilities, they chose to continue their passion.. even suffering from and injury they did not hold back.. how being body shammed they still believed in their passion.. balancing profession and passion ..no age bar.
proving themselves much more than what others perceive.. proving themselves much more than what they see in the mirror..

Seeing so many women on one stage and presenting this piece of Art in the form of dance was outstanding.The kids were up to the mark. Costumes, sequences idea, choreography,songs selection everything was just perfect..

In case anyone wants to see their videos do have check on YouTube (Pooja and Aparna)

This duo has done a great job.


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