Yoga can be fun for kids…sounds good. But the most difficult task is how to introduce yoga to children. In today’s hi tech internet technology period , children are more exposed to computer and mobile based activities which includes lot of stress ,concentration, and excess use of sense organs. Yoga can be very helpful as it provides balance , coordination, improves strength and helps to build concentration.

I personally feel , it develops child wisdom which further help him to take correct decision in his life. So, lets decide being responsible carers that we will bring children to the beautiful world of yoga. Here are few tips…

  • Make yoga fun- Children are natural yogis. They are not only learning yoga but they are learning other subjects too. So combine your passion with stories ,poems a and create new poses.
  • Don’t lose focus- Dealing children can sometimes makes you crazy, so just focus and kids will focus too.
  • Be organized-Planning plays very crucial role, so make sure how and what should be taught in the class.
  • Just enjoy-If you have to alter the plan just do it …like if weather is pleasant take class outside. Behave as a child to put yourself into their shoes.

When a child will see the benefits of doing basic yoga ,they will start preforming the high form of yoga according to their age which will help through out their life. Make yoga everyday part of your life.


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