Konkani Day

World konkani day -Vishwa Konkani Dis, has been celebrated on 9th April since 2015.
It is in remembrance of noted konkani activist Shenoi Goembab.

Waman Ragunath Shenoi Valaulikar (23rdjune 1877-9th April 1946) was popularly known as Shenoi Goembab. He was a noted Konkani writer and activist, once when he was travelling to Mumbai by ship with his uncle, a gentleman asked his uncle, “I hear u are taking this Goembab (Gentleman from Goa)to Mumbai”.

Waman later adopted Shenoi Goembab as his pen name.He believed that no matter how many languages a person could communicate in , he was lost if he could not communicate in his mother tongue, “the language of your soul” as he called it.
He began telling people about the sweetness of his mother tongue and started writing books to propagate his view. He also saw it as a movement against Portuguese rule in

He wrote seven books in Latin and 22 in Devnagri, These included short stories,dramas,novels,poetry,essays,linguistics,philosophy and history. Shenoy Goem bab was ahead of his times and stressed on the need to eliminate caste system and get the lower caste educated. He said” Lets make Pundits(scholars)out of Gawdes(farmers).

It is due to this great contribution of Shenoi Goem Bab towards the upliftment of konkani language that 9th April is celebrated as the Konkani day every year.


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