Heritage Day

Heritage as we all are aware is the legacy which is passed on to us and with which we live today. Places and monuments which have unique characteristics and historic values, form a part of every world heritage and is the richness of mankind and therefore heritages need to be preserved. World heritage sites which belong to people irrespective of where they are located make the World Heritage exceptional.

Heritage sites are of two kinds namely natural and manmade. These have gained importance because they are represented by the architecture and civilization of yesteryears. This is the very reason why one day in a year is set aside in order to celebrate the history and heritage of human race. World heritage day encourages us to celebrate the various cultures of the world and bring about an awareness regarding cultural monuments and site and the importance of preserving the worlds culture.

On 18th April 1982 the International Council for Monuments and states had organised a symposium in Tunisia and there a proposal was put forth have a worldwide celebration of the “International day of Monuments and Sites”. This approval was given by the UNESCO general conference in November declaring 18th April 1982 each year as the International Monuments and sites day which traditionally came to be known as the World Heritage Day.

A number of events are planned to help people connect with their past. Heritage walks are organised. There are heritage properties open day displays of heritage homes and buildings, libraries and monuments. Debates and discussions are held Interviews and exhibitions are conducted, publications of books postcards stamps and posters are carried out.

Visits to monument sites and restoration works are arranged. Awards and certificates are presented to those people who have made outstanding contributions to the conservation and promotion of cultural heritage. Every year different themes relating to world heritage are chosen and debates and seminars are organised to mark the day. Apart from remembering our past glory, heritage silently serves as a basis of socio economic development of our communities.

One day a year is set aside to celebrate the joint history and heritage of the human race. World Heritage Day encourages us to celebrate all the world’s cultures, and to bring awareness to important cultural monuments and sites, and to bring out the importance of preserving the World Heritage is the shared wealth of humankind.

Protecting and preserving this valuable asset demands the collective efforts of the international community. This special day offers an opportunity to raise the public’s awareness about the diversity of cultural heritage and the efforts that are required to protect and conserve it, as well as draw attention to its vulnerability.

On 18 April 1982 on the occasion of a symposium organized by ICOMOS in Tunisia, the holding of the “International Day for Monuments and Sites” to be celebrated simultaneously throughout the world was suggested which we now celebrate every year as World Heritage Day.

“Therefore let us all strive to instill a sense of responsibility towards heritage sites in the minds of our next generation.”


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