Woman Entrepreneurs Group Tarang


Tarang started with a small idea of getting women entrepreneurs together not with intention of making any money but to work selflessly for the betterment of our womens’ future in our society. It was an initiative by me and then getting Mansi in since she had a same vision as me about women entreprenuers platform. We wanted to develop a market in Goa for women entrepreneurs in rural areas to showcase their creativity. We believed that our women’s were really good at their art skills, but they lack far behind in marketing skills so to solve this problem TARANG came into existence.

Any product that is manufactured or created or traded needs a test whether it is accepted in market or not. Whether the price is acceptable, it’s quality and so many other factors. That test one can do I believe by participating in our exhibition which is solely for women entrepreneurs.

Tarang started in June 2017,  as a trial with only 12 participants to start with. It was a three day event and we were so nervous being our first event it shouldn’t bounce back on us. But to our surprise it was a hit. Our exhibitors were overwhelmed with the response within three days they claimed to have total sale of 25K each when asked. After this, there was no looking back and we continued with our events in Mapusa, Sports & Cultural Club, Porvorim, Agnel Ashram Campus, Verna, Keni Hotel, Panaji, and now Caculo mall, Panaji. Apart from exhibition we also have various awareness workshops for women like gas safety measures, convert house waste to manure, financial planning sessions, various business loan schemes like CMRY by EDC & PMEGP by Khadi village industries board were introduced. We also conducted various competitions like cooking,  Mehendi, singing, drawing during our flea so that more and more people walk in. We also have entrepreneurship development skill training for our members. We have lot of plans in future as we are being approached by some organizations and government bodies to get associated. Our aim is to empower more and more women in Goa as well as out of Goa. Every woman has a dream but due to many other priorities they suppress it. Through TARANG we are helping them achieve their goals by learning some skills and shaping their own future. At least by looking at other women, one can feel even they can do.

Sweta Chari Kumar



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