Modern Medical Research has studied talked and written a lot about educating the foetus( unborn child in the mother’s womb)

However ancient Indian medicine has always always practised and lived by the belief and concept of educating the foetus…

This is called the GARBHASANSKAR.

GARBHSANSKAR essentially means educating the mind of the foetus.

This is derived from Sanskrit words

Garbh [foetus in the womb] and
[educating the mind].

As good nutritional food provides physical health, the unborn child in womb requires mind education (Sanskar) to acquire mental health to thrive.

His/ Her personality begins to take shape in the womb, and this can be influenced by the mother’s state of mind during pregnancy.

The activity of the mother during pregnancy in the form of prayer (good rational thoughts), Manshakti (positive emotion), conversation with foetus (talk) or expressing feeling (touch) is not only recognized by unborn baby but it has positive effects on physical and mental health.

The baby listens to mother and feels her feelings even when it is developing in her womb.

Researchers have proved that Garbhsanskar plays important role in the development of the child.

There are scientific evidences that prove that a baby inside the mother’s womb responds to the outside stimulus and has the ability to listen.

The advantages of GarbhSanskar are not only that mother educate her child and there is development of a bond between the mother and the child.

In fact, this has a great impact on the health of the mother also.
The positive thinking and attitude promote physical well – being of mother.

Dr. Supriya Kulkarni
M.D, BAMS, MA (Sanskrit) will be conducting a

Dr. Supriya Kulkarni is a practising Ayurvedic Consultant @ The Ved Ayurvedic Bhavan in Goa since 2012
She specialised in the field of gynaecological disorders & infertility.

She also conducts sessions for GARBHASANSKAR and is actively engaged in organising health camps conducting Yoga seminars and lifestyle management programmes.

Recently she has started a Vedic Gurukul…a think tank and an open discussion forum for upcoming Ayurvedic practitioners and students.

Details of the Webinar:
Date : 15th May 2021
Time : 11a.m to 12p.m
Venue : Google Meet
Registration : Pre Registration is a must ( Click the link to register)
Fees : FREE

Dr Supriya Kulkarni: https://forms.gle/Fz4cQSvfqVuJRNNv9


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