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All along as i struggled to shed my weight i wondered why it was so difficult to stay consistent following a diet and why cheating on ones diet is so common. There again there were those who were religiously dedicated. So what was it that was setting us apart? Determination? Discipline?

I tried hard to look for the answers. Research into food lead behaviour and how this brain works and the body responds surfaced a theory of Metabolic Memory .

The concept points out that when our diet is monotonous,  our taste buds sigh at the thought of another bite, and the mechanism of  metabolic memory kicks in when you eat repetitively. Once our bodies get used to a certain set of nutrients, our metabolism works less efficiently to handle the load.

What this translates into ultimately, is a slowing of weight-loss results. The importance of variety is that the body is not able to develop a metabolic memory of a meal and it will work harder to process.

The simple way of putting it: Eat different food types preferably high protein and low carb for each meal to keep your metabolism running high. All boils down to variety is the spice of life.

At Simply Salads we have kept this fundamental principle of Metabolic Memory in mind and crafted different tastes to help you cultivate a healthy eating lifestyle. It’s science that makes this work so you stand a better chance at sticking to your weight loss/management at follow a healthy eating lifestyle.

Bog Credits: Ms Devaki Nayak


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