In the words of Victor Hugo, “Change your opinions, keep to your principles; change your leaves, keep intact your roots”. This is exactly what Radhika & Sourav Ray as a couple, do.

Just as there is a saying that “Behind every successful man there is a woman…”  in their case it’s the other way round! The brainchild of Radhika Ray, ‘Tripti Tiffin’ (a tribute to her maternal grandmother and mother), came into being just four months ago. To better understand what makes Tripti Tiffin work, we will have to take a peek into the lives of Radhika and Sourav, both hailing from West Bengal and having been with successful corporate careers for 18-20 years, with a shared vision of getting back to their roots.

Having traveled and lived at various places in conjunction with their corporate responsibilities, both Radhika and Sourav regularly came to Goa for annual holidays, with their love for Goa developing and increasing each time. Being from Bengal, another city by the water, where the easy-going vibe and great food were paramount, they found many similarities between  the two places, and thus decided to make Goa their home.

While living in Gurgaon and working with MNCs, Radhika and Sourav started, an e-commerce company dealing with handloom and handcrafted products  with the aim of re-introducing the many fascinating weaves and crafts of India to people. Painstakingly, they worked to sustain the craftsmen community that was fast dying out due to lack of patronage. Basically, they wanted to bring back everything Indian and thereby reconnect with their roots, which they have always been passionate about. They read, researched and traveled to the corners of the country to hand-pick masterpieces, each distinct and exquisite, directly from the master craftsmen.

When they moved to Goa in 2017, in continuance with their passion and commitment, they opened their flagship store Redbrickshop in Assagao which has more than 45 kinds of crafts from 14 states of India.

Being true to promoting all things Indian, they expanded their business to include the varied and wonderful cuisines of India. In line with this vision, the couple launched Tripti Tiffin in September 2018. Offering authentic food, with the freshest ingredients cooked using traditional methods,  Tripti Tiffin celebrates Indian food like never before!

Radhika has been cooking for the past 25 years, continuously innovating and experimenting and elevating food to make it exotic and exciting while Sourav, quite the foodie, has been happily tasting! They feel that somewhere down the line, in this mad race of life, people have lost touch with their culinary tastes and traditions and together, they endeavor to bring back traditional Indian food from their kitchen to your table, with  fanfare and glory.

Just four-months-young, Tripti Tiffin is taking baby steps in building its niche clientele. Their USP: traditional cooking, fresh ingredients, value for money, bespoke cooking, new tastes and eco-friendly packaging. They are open for dinner service only with delivery and takeaway options with minimum portions of half a kilo. In the maddening slew of dining options in Goa they are doing something different with their door-to-door delivery and generous portions, thereby plugging a gaping hole! Currently they do  not have any sit-in or dine-in options.

The kitchen of Tripti Tiffin specialises in exclusive exotic dishes representing the many tastes of our vibrant country like Chingri Malai Curry (Prawn) and Shorshe Maach (Fish) from Bengal; a fiery and aromatic Rajasthani Laal Maas (Mutton); a moist and flavouful Kerala Chicken Ghee Roast; an authentic Coorgi Pandi Curry (Pork); a delectable Awadhi Gosht Nihari (Mutton) from Hyderabad; a mellow, yoghurt-based North Indian Punjabi Kadhi; traditionally-cooked whole Daals in mitti handis like the Ma Kali Daal and Hari Moong Daal; interesting and unusual vegetarian dishes like Chorchori (slow-cooked vegetables) and Shukto (choice vegetables steeped in a milk-based gravy) from Bengal …… and so much more!

On offer are two menus, the Daroon (translates to excellent in Bengali) and the Phataphati (translates to outstanding in Bengali). The former a regular menu for same-day delivery and the latter, a selection of slow-cooked dishes that require to be ordered 24 hours in advance.

I am sure foodies from across Goa will be delighted try these new tastes! To follow them on Facebook or Instagram for their off-the-menu specials do check out their Facebook page: and Instagram account:

To get an idea of the accolades they have been getting for their preparations, you can visit where you can peruse the customer testimonials.

Do get in touch with them and try their traditional, exotic,  authentic and delicious dishes representing the many tastes of our country. To order, call or send them and message on WhatsApp  at 8999720928.

I assure you that you will definitely enjoy their food and will be back, asking for more!


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