We are talking here of transformation.

Transforming ourselves and all who work for us or all who come in touch with us. This living is beyond our life time. In our book of life there are many people who played an important role, what is more important is are we mentioned in the books of others? Have we played a role of mentor or a great leader n changed lives or inspired them to do so ??

We are born equal then why does one become a *mahatma* another a *Charles shobraj* the rate of change in an average person  is at a slow pace, where in a person like abdul kalam it is at a higher n faster pace, to change quickly and realise that time will be up at any moment.  Most of them leave this world with their shoes on.  A story of a life  well lived.

What sets us apart…a unique technique, something different in our attitude?  May be just enhancing the way we do mundane chores too. It can also be in the level of self esteem that others see us with. We can conclude and say that our rate of progress towards our goals depends on how good we are as leaders, readers, learners and travellers too.
Lets be mentioned in someone else book of life, lets lead lets mentor and let all grow and glow together


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