How can people trust YOU?
When a client gives you business, what should be your level of competency???
Do you need infrastructure if you have an off the shelf PRODUCT???
We need to look into the administration as well as the sales part of the business. There has to be place for how many employees is the question.
Yes…you need infrastructure…
We think as I am now I am good, how about tomorrow, 3 years from now and 5 years from NOW??
You need adequate infrastructure….. When We plan do it for 3 years from now from space and people management point of view.
You need more then adequate infrastructure….if you have goals and dreams for your business you will need to have more then adequate,  always employ one staff extra!

It will help you in crisis and growth too. After sometime you will think you need more staff.

This is just one part of the business circle.


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