The main road in front of the Church of St. Cajetan leads to the river Mandovi through an archway known as the Viceroy’s Arch. The arch is made of laterite except for the facade on the riverside, which is facetted with greenish granite.

The facade has a niche at the top with a statute in stone of Vasco da Gama. Correspondingly, in the rear, is a statue of the Argonaut. There are two inscribed slabs alongside the walls in the arch.

Though the original structure built soon after the conquest of the city by the Portuguese, the arch underwent considerable changes. The arch was completely rebuilt in 1954 retaining the statues excluding the bronze statue of St. Catherine, which was at the top of the structure in a separate niche.

The original inscription recording that the arch was rebuilt by Governor Francisco da Coma (1597-1600), in the memory of his grandfather, Vasco da Gama can still be seen on this arch.

Another inscription on it is dedicated to the Immaculate Conception of Virgin Mary, commemorating the emancipation of PortugaI from Spain in 1656.

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