Red Ginger restaurant

Red Ginger,  behind police station Dona Paula 

Red Ginger in Colva opened  its restaurant in Dona Paula after a successful run at Colva.  An exclusive pan Asian cuisine.  They are into Thai Malaysian and Japanese cuisine.

The ambience is typically oriental with lots of red hues.  The statue of Lord Buddha welcomes you as you enter this place.  The attentive staff immediately make you comfortable. They have a good range of starters from veg and seafood sushi to dumplings.

The sushi comes with a lovely soya based sauce which isn’t salty . The prawn tempura is very crunchy and comes with a wasabi mayo which wasn’t to my liking though many find it delicious.  Their stuffed crab with their oriental sauce is very sumptuous. They have a wide range of vegetarian dishes too like the braised brocolli and tofu in honey sauce.

For the main coarse they have the different Thai curries.Whether it’s green red or yellow all three have their unique taste and goes well with their jasmine rice. The Bangkok pad Thai and Singapore crabs are delicious.The desserts are very innovative like walnut brownie with ginger or the date pancake.

For those who love the oriental cuisine this is a place to look out for.

Happy eating till next month.


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