Kadamba Plateau seems to be coming alive with the opening of an authentic North Indian food joint “The Rasoda”.. “Rasoda”, I am told means “Kitchen”, in Marwadi and Gujrathi languages and this one has an attractive tagline “Royally yours”….Yes… The Rasoda really serves you royal food at very affordable rates.Royal in taste, Rich in the style of serving.
Owned and managed by Yash Khaitan along with his sister in law Neha Khaitan and the support of the Khaitan family. The Rasoda started a soft launch in October and are looking forward to a grand launch in December.

Today being a Sunday the service was that of a special brunch from 9.30am to 3.00pm.
This cosy place with light music playing in the background is basically a combination of a sweet shop and a ground plus mezzanine sit out space which will serve authentic pure veg North Indian mini meals like thali options for lunch and dinner….. as also sweets and savouries.

The savouries include Pyaz ki Kachori, Khasta Kachori, Samosas fried in pure ghee , exquisite tasting Dhokla and the likes, while the sweets include a wide array of items like the dry fruit cake, anarkali, coconut barfi, coconut ladoos,  chocolate toast, green toast, balushahi, besan ki barfi, mawa barfi, mawa roll, kalakand, anjeer barfi, sangam, malai pedhas, kaju rolls, kaju katli, atte ke ladoo, besan ke ladoo and the list is unending.

Since the team is still in the process increasing their items in the menu we decided to order one brunch each of what was on the menu namely Bendvi Aloo Sabzi ( which gets its name from the type of preperation) with Dal Kachori, Chole Bhature and Rajma Chaval..
The taste of all three gravys was distinctly and differently delicious…the bendi aloo sabzi being a tangy one and the rajma medium spicy to go with the bland chawal/rice , while the bhaturas was a combination of tangy and spicy….

Having not experienced the true taste of the sabzis I enjoyed all three equally.
What was common to all three menus was the masala pyaz with a hari mirch/ green chillies, the Home made pickle and the hot jalebis which stole the show. I had always tasted jalebis after they had cooled down,  so the joy of eating a hot jalebi is a must try experience….

They plan to shortly start home delivery service once the eatout starts operating regularly.
Clean place, hygenic kitchen, experienced and well trained staff and personal supervision by the management makes “The Rasoda” an eatout foodies should look forward to as one of the very fast coming up restaurants in times to come….A happy sunday, well spent!!


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