From being lawyer by profession to an artist by passion I have come a long way….

I am Sweta Gaitonde, I am an advocate by profession and an artist by passion… That is the way I describe myself and would like to share about myself and my journey as an artist.

I have been doing art since the time I have learnt to hold a pencil and that time I was very passionate about things around me and would never allow my mom to throw away any stuff like boxes, utensils and bottles which I would decorate and keep as home decor articles my mom happily allowed me to do so as whenever guests came home they complimented our house saying it looked like an art museum where not a single wall and table was left untouched by a piece of art.

But being a Goan, when I grew up i never thought that this passion of mine could be my profession as in Goa at that time only three mainstream professions were known and allowed, so that is how I landed being a lawyer and started dreaming of practicing law big time in Goa.

At that time my passion was put backstage and it became only a Saturday Sunday affair and law became my full time work, then after four years of practice under my senior in Margao, I happened to get married and move to Panaji….where I started my independent practice as a government advocate and notary….. But my art was being a off Saturday event under the closed shutters of my office….

But one day my sleeping dreams were awakened by my husband who saw my art pieces and my talent and was shocked to know that I was not putting up an exhibition or so to showcase the same ….

That is where I put up an art exhibition in Kala academy and the response that I got for it was overwhelming for which I have no words rather those three days of my exhibition opened my eyes and told me and the world what I actually was.

That is where god sent me a signal and there on my real Art journey began… I started living my old self which was hidden under my law journals and had disappeared in the courts.I started painting again, I started refurbishing old stuff and making it look new. Then due to my husband’s transfer I had to go to Mumbai where I had a lot of time to pursue my Art and there I was attracted to making everything handmade and hand painted…. So I started my brand the “Rangolistudio”….bring home the art brand “, here I started my journey on a rampage and started selling hand painted products and even hand painted Sarees.

I even focussed on doing mandala art which is my real niche I realized… at present I am back in Goa due to my husband’s transfer again and now am focused on doing mandalas and side by side am dealing with hand painted products and refurbishing old articles too….

My dream has always been to work for a social cause and do lots of work for the benefit of poor children and orphans….. Which I wish to fulfill through my Art ……. It’s a long way to go…. Journey is long I know but it’s my true self and I plan on enjoying this beautiful journey called Life…



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