The Magic Touch of Gulnaz Farooqui

The Magic Touch Event Planners …as the name suggest is an Event Planning firm which is fast becoming synonymous with the name of Ms. Gulnaz Farooqui.

The Magic Touch of Gulnaz FarooquiI am a great enthusiast by nature a very outgoing and bubbly person and above all a very hard working go getter woman entrepreneur that I have always been. They say “All that glitter is not gold”….That is exactly what happened with me. After having a long struggle with an ordinary job in hand and not getting her worth, I finally decided that I needed to do something different.

A mere 9 to 6 job with a limited salary was not going to help. With an MBA degree in Finance and coming from a family with a business background I always wanted to do something which not only gave me the job satisfaction but something which could bring a smile on to the faces of my clients.

After researching the market thoroughly and getting ro know the needs of the people I realised that Goa being a 365 days tourist destination and on the tourist map of the world there were many people who prided in having their functions in Goa not to say anything less of Goans themselves who given the slightest reason, love to throw lavish parties and host grand functions and events .

This is where I saw great opportunity and decided to get into event management, keeping my job in hand. Event planning has been always known to be very glamorous and creative field which enhances you to do things differently and uniquely. The flip side of this profession still says that its a man’s world. Never the less, Event planning is all about letting people make beautiful memories.

Events is a very vast field and there are various event organizers across Goa. Taking this into consideration, I decided to make it convenient for the clients planning the event and getting everything arranged for them within their given time frame and within their budgets….Success automatically followed.

Events that I handle, vary from Birthdays, Anniversaries, Theme parties, Corporate events, Holy communion, Get to gathers, Just-no occassion parties, Exhibitions … You name it and its done.

Work for me begins from choosing the venue of the clients choice. Once I have given a list of venues and the client has given their preferred location of venue for the event that’s when I suggest to my client what suits best for them as per their requirements and budget.

I have got tie ups with various vendors across Goa and outside who provide to me the best service at rock bottom prices, benefits of which I am able to pass on to my clients as I work on a very small profit margin.

Not only me but my vendors too are so professional in their work that once they are explained about the event and the requirements of the clients event …everything is so perfectly taken care off and arranged in such a professional manner that the host is at absolute peace that things will be done exactly at the time and in the manner that they have been asked for…. and there is never any cause for complaint.

Every client is a new challenge to me which I welcome wholeheartedly as this helps me in enhancing my skills and increasing my knowledge about the various requirements that people wish to have.

My company, “The Magic Touch Event Planners” is specialized in event planning in the heart of Panaji city and even outside. I have worked hard for each of my clients, helping them plan and host their upcoming event free of stress and with confidence. I take a care of all their smallest jobs from to Invitations and Guest Management, from decor and location to food and seating, everything is managed by my company.

Working for a digital marketing firm myself, has made me very technically savvy and I manage my own publicity through social media and through GO WOMANIA which is a great platform of Facebook for woman entrepreneurs in Goa. I remain updated with the event industry, Through E-learning, network learning & learning on the job.

My experience with each client is very unique and I always upgrade myself with all the information that I can gather. The ‘Magic Touch Event Planners’ as I call my company, is specialized in event planning in the heart of Panaji city and even outside the city as the case may be.

Vision Statement:
Creative, glamorous passion for variety, good listener, patient multi tasker, idealistic….these are all the strong points that one will find in me, and these are the sheer qualities due to which, in the next 10 years, I see myself being successful in my venture and having branches in other areas of Goa so that I can reach to maximum people. My family and friends have been my strongest pillars of support.

So far as my clients are concerned, they have been very happy with my quick service and the unique manner in which I have handled arrangements for their events.

“Everyday is new opportunity for you. Embrace it and be the best in what you love to do”.








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