THE KISMOOR STORY Prasheel M.S.Netravalkar


The story of Kismoor starts with The owner Prasheel, having lots of passion to do something in the food industry.

Graduated from a science background eventually finished up with B.E COMPUTERS in 2016
However he worked in a company for some hands on experience in the software segment however having concrete future plans of starting something of his own sometime and in the hospitality industry he quit the job and started working towards achieving his dreams.
Initial phases were really tough and having multiple views from people regarding the change in field was also a great feeling of dilemma for Prasheel.

However very confident about his dream and passion in this industry he approached his father who was the only person who without even a second thought gave him the entire mental support as well as some financial help to start of with his Restuarant-
He started Kismoor At Kevnem taliegao the same premises which belong to his father where he once ran a nursing hospital.

With whatever slightest of the knowledge in the industry he started working towards getting things on track.

Finally the work at Kismoor started and we opened doors to our customers on 27th sept 2012 , initially it was only a home delivery and a takeaway joint , but now we are a full fledge Restuarant & Bar serving authentic Goan food.

The journey has been wonderful till date and we look forward to have some more branches in and around the city.


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