Chai Shastra

“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me.…..this is what Sumaiya Sayeed would say about herself and her talent.

A graduate in Economics n English literature profession, i am entrepreneur, a naturopath, aroma therapist, hairstylist from Jawed Habibs a henna artist and also a free lancer makeup artist…

I have a team and my team is named Team 24. The retails of this group started in 2017.

Me and my husband own the Namaste Chai franchisee for Panjim and also we are a part of Namaste Herbals  company which owns the brand Namaste Chai.

I would say….yes my helping hand support critic…is my husband Sayed Zaheer Abbas. By profession he is a businessman too. I must say that my journey as an entrepreneur is very inspiring one.I jus love my job…it gives me happiness, recognition, motivation and most of all experience .It keeps me growing day by day.

I love my job and I face no difficulties in my job as such. The only and the biggest problem and difficulty that I have ever faced in my business is to get genuine dedicated staff.

Our major task is getting good employees. As far as publicity goes I have realised that today the best way to published a business is by word of mouth or through social media. As such right now we are focussing on social media for publicity of our business and also by the word of mouth which is a very strong means of communication and convincing clients. The most satisfying part of my job, if you ask me, is getting good, reviews high appreciation and seeing happy faces.

Specially you should see the smiles on the faces of kids after they have our bubblegum thick shake..The smiles on their faces is really overwhelming .
When parents and people go and share their experiences after visiting Namaste Chai you tend to get recognition in society and you start being associated with your brand. My biggest achievement is when my work gets appreciated. Presently our focus is on quality, hygiene, taste , hospitality and most important never to compromise on quality.

Future Plans:
We are planning on multiplying our network as we are now offering franchisees all over India as well as abroad…

We are coming up with more organic products in the near future and we are working on it in a big way. Although every product of ours passes the test of excellence, our most popular tea at Namaste chai is our very own jaffrani chai ..highly recommended…

When it came to naming the brand we knew that almost every person has chai may he be a city guy or a village guy so we wanted a nice Desi name for our brand, which we got in NAMASTE CHAI….then we realised that we wanted the place to look  vibrant…it was not going to be just any other chai stall…we would be having kids and adults alike visiting our outlet.

And there was this cute looking babaji which caught our eye …we decided to have this desi babaji match with the desi name of our chai outlet NAMASTE CHAI..
We made him look really colorful and catchy to the eye and we now have him as our mascot of Namaste Chai. I can easily say that Namaste Chai is the best thing that has happened to me.

One of the best and most useful message that I can give to all the women striving to reach great heights is.. “Live up to ur dreams. Success does not come over night..Strive and work hard in order to achieve your goals.Stay independent , Stay motivated and most importantly, Stay beautiful…feel beautiful…. Because you, are precious…”

Chai Shastra


  1. How do I get a franchisee in Goa? Could you help me please?
    I loved Ur Panjim outlet when I’d been there yesterday!
    Would love to have your franchise


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