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The Pillory

Where the kuchcha road branches off from the road to Neura, leading to the Church and Convent of the Cross of Miracles, is a...

Convent and the Church of the Cross of Miracles

On the southern outskirts of Old Goa is a HI on which stand this convent and church. Built of laterite, plastered with Iime-mortar, the...

Royal Chapel of St. Anthony

To the west of the tower of St. Augustine is the Royal Chapel dedicated to St. Anthony, the national saint of Portugal and held...

Convent and the Church of St. John of God

Situated to the east of the tower of St. Augustine, it is a plain looking, building constructed in the beginning of the eighteenth century....

Church of the Carmelites

Nothing remains of the Church of the Carmelites built in 1621, except the façade and a raised pavement which served as an altar. It...

Chapel of Our Lady of the Mount

As one proceeds about two kilometers on the main road towards Ponda, a kuchcha road branches off towards north at a place where a...

Chapel of St. Francis Xavier

Behind the gate of St. Paul's College is a kuchcha road branching off the main road, leading to the Chapel of St. Francis Xavier....

Tower of the Church of St. Augustine

This tower, also on the Holy Hill, has four storeys with an arch in each. It is built of laterite and evidence of lime...

Church of Our Lady of the Rosary

Not far to the west of the Basilica of Born Jesus is the Holy Hill at the extremity of which is the Church of...

Gate of the College of St. Paul

To the south of St. Cajetan’s Church, on the main road leading to Ponda, is the gateway which formed the entrance to the College...

The Viceroy’s Arch

The main road in front of the Church of St. Cajetan leads to the river Mandovi through an archway known as the Viceroy's Arch....

Gate of the palace of Adil Shah

To the north of the road leading to t Church of St. Cajetan is the gate of the palace of Adil Shah. It is...

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