Yesterday was a day of fun and frolic for one and all who attended the Summer Escapde….a one day display of various stalls containing all items like books, clothes(India, Western and Fusion) cosmetics , jewellery, bags & clutches , utility items, organically grown food items pots and plants and even some lovely lipsmacking food on the food stalls.

There was a stage for various activities by the young and the not so young where our very own Vanda Pereira Rodrigues stole the show by her Stand Up Comedy show .There were also the kids singing and dancing to various popular Hindi and English numbers.There were workshops held of decouping warli painting and the likes.

The place was so very well decorated with white tents for the stalls and a lot of colourful decorations .Although there were 75 stalls in total the place did not look a wee bit conjusted. People were freely moving and mingling, taking a peek at each stall and buying items of their liking. Go Womania had a great role to play in bringing alive this event but the entire credit of the show goes to none other than Arwa Bagwala .

She is a prominent member of Go Womania and herself has a venture of Bags for the last 15 years.From the day the event was announced in 20th March till yesterday Arwa has single handedly done the running around.Starting from scratch she had toiled day and night to make this event a grand success expecting a footfall of about 1500 visitors.Although it was the first day of Ramadan, Arwa inspite of fasting the whole day, looked as fresh as a flower.

Summer Escapade is the first of such a big event hosted by Arwa and Go Womania. They got a lot of support from their channel partners, their web partners and sponsorships from various business houses making this event a grand success and giving them the confidence to hosts more such events in the future.


  1. Very true…the organiser was on her toes making sure all was going smoothly and also kept in touch with the stall owners inquiring about how things are going on.
    Most importantly, one thing that may have gone unnoticed is that after the event, when all stall owners were busy leaving Arwa along with her family was picking up the thrash left behind. This speaks a lot about the organiser and her family members ( down to earth & humble)…KUDOS TO YOU PEOPLE.
    I am sure the event will prove to be a stepping stone to success for many.
    Wishing all the best to ARWA and hope to be a part of her events in future


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