Sudip’s Ros-Omlette at Mapusa


Craving for a midnight snack or hungry after office? Want some accompaniment with drinks? Don’t want to cook tonight? Mother/wife out of town? Head to Sudeep Fast Food located opp Mapusa taxi stand for a lip smacking, utterly delicious “Ros-omlette”. For all those who don’t know what Ros-Omlette is, it is an omlette with chicken/mutton Shakuti gravy (local goan dish) topped with onion and coriander. Easily escapable, located in the corner near the bus stand it is open till late night offering Chinese, Indian kebabs and tandoori chicken among other things.

“Ros-omlette” is their patent dish. Good thing about it? Their consistency in the flavors has not changed since its inception 20 years ago as vouched by the Mapshekars. It always tastes the same as you had it the last time. Portion just enough to fill you up for a few hours. Priced at 50 Rs it’s the most flavorsome, appetizing dish.

Jaya Darne
Author: Jaya Darne

Jaya is a software engineer, traveler, chef and self-trained makeup artist. Travelling and exploring food all over the world gives her an extra high. Makeup is her passion hence she plans on taking it to another level by turning it into her profession. As a freelance makeup artist, she has been a part of Mr & Ms India’s Fashion Icon 2019 as well as taken up assignments for grooming ladies for special occasions.



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