As a responsible citizens of India and responsible habitants of mother earth,an urge to do something for the protection of nature as well as health of the adolescent girls and women was felt necessary. The universal presence of plastics and plastic wastes everywhere pushed the women of Brahma-Karamali into coming together and forming Muktai Mahila self help group co-operative society ltd.Muktai Mahila self help group co-operative society ltd is a government registered society, registered on 20/2/2018 and is based at Brahma-karamali,Nagargao sattari Goa.The vision of Muktai Mahila S.H.G.C.S.l is to make India clean by reducing plastic debris.

With the above vision in mind we started searching for the root cause of this pollution and we found according to the National Family Health survey (NFHS)2015-2016 report that 45%of the waste collected is a menstrual waste I,e due to sanitary products.Unfortunately sanitary products used at present during menstrual periods are plastic based which are harmful to both environment as well as our health.It is a huge environmental challenge as this pads take around 500-800 years to biodegrade. If this pads are burnt it can produce dioxine and phuron which gives invitation to many diseases.

With all the studies we came to the conclusion that the use of biodegradable sanitary napkins in this fast moving lifestyle is the correct choice to follow.
So Muktai Mahila self help group started manufacturing “Stree Swabhiman” eco friendly sanitary napkins since september 2018 and thereby became the first Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLE) in Goa to run “Stree Swabhiman” project. “Stree Swabhiman” initiative is a part of the Common Service Centres scheme launched by the ministry of eletronics and Information Technology,government of India. Its main is to create sustainable model for providing adolescent girls and women an access to affordable sanitary products.

We started this Venture from our own personal savings without anyones financial support. Before starting this Venture , I got the opportunity to get trained in the Aspiring Entrepreneurs workshop conducted by icreate which helped me to work out our business plan.Inorder to promote the use of the product among adolescent girls and women, the members of S.H.G are engaged in delivering the product in various stores,shops,pharmacies, schools,Colleges and few manufacturing units.

We educate the women about the benefits of the product and also have participated and displayed our product for sale in various exhibitions held in Goa. Our S.H.G members had the privilege of being invited to different educational institutes in Goa as guest speakers for health and environment Awareness programmes.

Customers comfort is our main priority . With the blessings of all customers we are even planning for maternity pads and panty liners.It is actually a wonderful experience to be as a woman entrepreneur. I would say there is no age limit to start any business. It starts when you decides it to do. Only things you need to develop is to prepare for hard work,risk,sometimes work with intelligence instead of hard work,increase patience,keep your feet on land during your shining period and also learn to tackle your loss with brave heart.


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