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THE skin, covering the whole of the body as it does, is a most marvelous and intricate piece of bodily mechanism designed by Nature for many purposes, the chief of which being the protection of the inner organs, the regulation of body temperature, and the elimination of cell-waste.

It must be pointed out that the skin is not a thing apart, as it were ; it is part of, and bound up intimately with,the whole organism, and its healthy and efficient functioning depends entirely upon the way the rest of the organism as a whole is acting. When we realize that the skin is directly connected with, and very intimately bound up with, the working of the rest of the organism, we can begin to understand something of the origination of skin diseases.

We see that these diseases, are directly connected with the rest of the body, and are indeed the outcome of its malfunctioning. Through the skin large quantities of toxic matter can be easily eliminated—owing to the enormous skin surface—and it is in this way that most of the skin diseases we are acquainted with originate. They are merely attempts on the part of Nature to throw off systemic poisons and bodily refuse which cannot be eliminated in any other convenient way.

It is evident that man, when encumbered with a chronic disease which it is unable to overcome with its own power automatically, adopts the plan of developing a local disease/discharge on some external part, solely for this object, that by making and keeping the disease on the external parts it may thereby silence the internal disease. It thereby, transfers the internal disease to the local affection.

Thus do skin diseases originate, and to get rid of them what we have to do is to help on the eliminative process already set in operation by Nature, through the medium of the disease, and so literally help the disease right out of the system. Skin diseases are not just things that happen to the individual without any reference to his internal condition. That is precisely why these diseases, when treated purely from the local point of view, by the application of external ointments and salves do not allow the toxic matter at the root of the trouble to be eliminated, as a real cure demands ; it merely suppresses the disease, that is all.

If treated along these lines, the disease, if it disappear at all as a result of the treatment, does so only because the toxins and impurities which the system was trying to throw off through the medium of the disease have been thrust back into the blood-stream again, to cause further trouble later on. If treated properly, ie wholistically with internal medicine alone and without the use of ointments or lotions, the diseases of the skin disappear, leaving the sufferer in far better general health than before, because of the great lessening of the total amount of toxic matter present in his system, and because of the rejuvenation of the bodily mechanism as a whole, resulting from the treatment. Having unburdened ourselves of the foregoing preliminary remarks, we can now go on to out line as to what patients should expect when under wholistic treatment.The disease can only be overcome by a thorough course of systemic wholistic

Skin lesions should cure from above downwards; i.e if there are skin lesions on the upper part of the body as well as the lower parts the patient should expect skin lesions of the head to disappear first while those of the feet shall get cured last.The more destructive process should get cured first i.e if the patient has a lot of cracks accompanying the lesions the intensity of cracks appearing should decrease first.When a patient is suffering from a very serious ailment along with the skin complaints one must expect the internal or more critical disease to improve first in such cases the skin lesions will be the last to heal.

Dr. Dorland Martins MD
Consultant at VitaNova Clinics


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