Prophetic words by The Dalai Lama “We are a race that lose our health to make money and the same money back on restoring back what we lost making money.”

Devaki Nayak of Simply Salads (SS) tells me that it sent a chill down her spine when she heard a renowned doctor and nutritionist say “There is big money in the cure of a disease. Cancer being the most prominent. But no money goes in teaching people the prevention of a disease.”

In fact there is a very famous saying in English which goes like this .. “You are what you eat”… Yet we are subconsciously feeding our bodies with processed food which is most often disease inducing.

This year has been a year of a new concept called “Clean eating” being introduced on an elaborate scale. “Clean Eating” is a rather new concept of eating food in its most naturals form, absolutely free from preservatives.

Here the challenge is how to walk away from our age old cultured taste buds that crave for tasty food..  This pursuit for good health lead Devaki Nayak to start a humble eat out which she calls SIMPLY SALADS (SS)

This dream could be conceptualised by Devaki as a result of her and her sibling duo, both of whom have battled obesity and health issues and finally managed to emerge with a life full of good health. Now she is taking SS to the next level to make healthy and wholesome meals accessible to all at large.

While talking to Devaki who is the co founder of SS along with Balkrishna Kamat, she points out that diets of people have not changed much over the years, though life styles have changed drastically….

Upon analysing the food we eat at home, we realise that we are only eating carbs and proteins with little or no fibre at all. All the green leafy vegetables we eat are cooked, as a result of which, the fibre in it is totally destroyed.

Devaki and Balkrishna thereafter thought of coming up with a solution to counter this. They thought of ways and means of making fibre tasty so that people feel motivated to eat it on a regular basis….Thus was born SIMPLY SALADS.

SS has crafted a wide variety of salads, but no two salads are similar. The preservative free and light low caloried home made dressings and sauces are the icing on the cake and are an absolute delight to eat. Totally perishable in nature they have to be consumed and exhausted on the day they are made…else their shelf life is over the next day.

SS advocates clean eating. Minimally cooked and hygienically prepared portions are a brilliant combination of proteins, carbs, and fibre so that one consumes the right balance of calories.

SS does not believe in mineral water as they believe in natural drinks, hence they also serve the right portions of coolers and digestives like jaljeera, kokum and chaas. Devaki explains that consuming a drink is like consuming sugar minus the fibre. These drinks are moderately priced @ Rs 30/- a glass.

In times when a pastry costs anything from Rs.80/- to Rs 129/- per piece, this wholesome and healthy meal is moderately priced between Rs.200/- to Rs. 250/- a portion, which is enough and more for one person to consume.

Situated opposite Kamat Estate, St Inez on the ground floor of a building… presently it seats about 19 – 12 persons at a time, but as the clientele increases SS is definitely going to need to look out for a bigger area to seat its clients.

Vociferously educating masses regarding salads and its advantages and excellent marketing ideas is what will take SIMPLY SALADS to the place that they deserve….THE TOP.




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