5 Virgin beaches of Goa

A visit to Goa without a visit to the beach is unthinkable.
We are on the process of running our series of 5 and in this series we will feature to you 5 virgin beaches of Goa.

These beaches are near and far but untarnished by crowds.
We are sure you would not only like to know which but would also look forward to visiting them during your trip to Goa.


The butterfly beach can be best explained as a hidden adventure of the land with some stunning view of aquatic life.
This beach has an aura of calmness and bliss around it.it is a home to some of the exotic spices of butterflies, goldfish crabs, sea urchins, sea cucumbers and even red fish..
All these are usually visible during the times if low tide.

What sets this beach apart from the rest of the beaches is the fact that you can enjoy the site of dolphins playing on the shore.
Once you are done with the watching of dolphins you can go canoe riding boat riding sunbathing rock climbing trekking and what not.
The butterfly beach is situated to the North of Palolem in South Goa . This is a must visit beach for tourists …especially couples and honeymooners.

This beach is known as the hidden beach as it is covered with thick vegetation and has no pathway to reach the beach.

Once you reach Palolem beach you need to take a boat ride from there to reach the butterfly beach


Yet another virgin beach just about 20 minutes drive from Palolem and about 10 minuted drive from Agonda Beach is the Cola Beach
This is one of those remote beaches meant for people seeking complete peace and relaxation.
This is a totally unspoilt beach away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

One thing surely separates Cola beach from the other beaches is the fresh water lagoon on its sea shore that is connected to the sea
The beach has got tents built in the Rajasthani style which accommodates 2 people at a time and has an ensuite bathroom and a verandah.

Excellent food and helpfull staff is what you are assured of getting.
Private transport is the only way you can reach Cola Beach

This makes it the most unforgettable experience of visiting the Cola Beach.


This beach is located about 5.6kms away from Colva deep in the South of Goa.
The beach is an absolutely pristine stretch of golden brown sand lined by coconut palms and other trees.
Unlike.other beaches since this one is not frequented by many people it does not have shacks and shops and it tucked far away from mainstream

Galgibag beach is most known for its famous Olive Ridley turtles which is a protected area and for which government is doing a lot for these turtles to breed.
There is a Resort on Galgibag where one can stay in a pleasant and peaceful manner away from the crowds.

Although far off this beach is worth the visit


Yet another virgin beach of Goa includes the Veldao Beach.
Located at a distance of 25 kms from Panaji what is most enjoyable of this beach is the site of the sunrise and the sunset.

A stunning sunrise and a mesmerising sunset is what makes a visit to the Velsao Beach every bit worth the visit.
Boating, fishing, sunbathing, around the Velsao Beach are activities that one can do at this Beach

Majorda beach and Colva Beach are to the north and Bogmalo beach are to the south of Velsao.

Cabo de rama beach5. CABO DO RAMA BEACH:

Cabo Do Rama beach is also known in colloquial language as Cab do Ram. It is a very beautiful and wild beach in the South of Goa. It is situated at a distance of 28 kms from Margao and 19 kms from Agonda beach.

There is a strip of palm groves all along the stretch of the beach making it a famous spot for school picnics and families

The beach is in a very secluded and a remote area from the main cities.

Cabo Do Rama fort stands tall and is master piece which welcomes its guests . From the top of the fortress you will get aspell binding view of the Arabian sea
Cab do Ram remains in your hearts forever


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