This restaurant is situated amongst many more eat outs on the road joining the St Inez  and Taleigao roads passing living room near Caculo Mall and Expert pharmacy. It’s owned by Saira Sadat with 15 men working under her.  They have the shawarma and Al-Faham counter at the entrance.  Their shawarma whether spicy or the normal one is very famous with the young crowd that gathers there.  No artificial colours are added.  The creamy filling of the shawarma tantalises your senses.  Their Al-Faham  which is an Arabian delicacy is marinated in a spicy tangy marinade and grilled slowly over coals which tastes awesome with their garlic sauce.

They are famous for their kebabs whether it is the  Banjara kebab, chicken  tikka lasooni, hariyali kebab, reshmi kebab, malai kebab, or lemon chicken.. Can’t miss the Kabab platter. Their mutton boti kabab is just too good.  Normally you don’t get good mutton dishes in Goa and people prefer to opt for chicken.They make two types of Biryani the normal one and the Dum Biryani.  I would suggest one order for the Dum Biryani which is so flavourful and aromatic.  Their mutton Biryani is to die for with its succulent mutton pieces.

Tender coconut falooda is sold like hot cakes here.  It doesn’t have tuth,  miria or seviyo or pink in colour as the normal falooda is.  It’s made of clear jelly like tender coconut creamy drink and the jelly just comes in through the straw.  The more you refrigerate it the creamier it gets. Highly recommended any time you need a drink.

Cheese garlic naan is very good here.  You can eat it by itself or with your kebabs.  The salads accompanying the kebabs are delicious. Well this place not only is a gourmet delight for the mughlai food but for Chinese too. Their fried rice isn’t oily but still each grain stands apart.  People come there for Hakka noodles , dragon chicken,  lemon chicken.

The chicken mughlai and garlic Indian chicken are yummilicious with the tandoori breads. The  desserts include favourites like caramel pudding, The best digester one can have is the pudina juice which is such a treat. It’s always better to order a day in advance so that the food is cooked by Saira herself.  A very good take away joint that  does home delivery too.

Saira has created her own diet plan menu which she takes orders for.  It’s a protein diet with combination of meats and veggies.  She has even veg diet plans.  Right now she is in the family way and taken a back seat for a few days and then she will be back to what she does best.  Cook. Feed and interact with her customers.  She knows her customers and is very interactive with them.  As a woman myself it’s hats off to this young dynamic lady.


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