Rewind to 1947 in Goa


On the day of India’s Independence, Goa was still under the Portuguese rule. The Portuguese came to goa in 1510 and ruled it for four and half centuries. June 18th,1946 was the beginning of the end of the Portuguese rule in Goa.

On 15 August 1954, the Portuguese resisted an attempt by 49 non-violent Satyagrahi activists to march into Goa and hoist the Indian flag on Tiracol Fort resulting in deaths and injuries amongst the activists. 3000–5,000 unarmed Indian activists attempted to enter Goa at six locations and were violently driven back by Portuguese officers, resulting in the death of around 30 people.

Ram Manohar Lohia was an activist in the Indian Independence movement. He arrived in Goa around that time, on the invitation of Goan writer Dr. Juliao Meneze. A friendly visit turned into a movement of civil liberties. On learning about the plight of Goans, Lohia launched the Civil Disobedience Movement. Lohia was arrested and the movement ended but, it inspired the Goans. Goans began to meet, plan, organise and strategize. It left a lasting impression on the minds of lot of young Goans during the movement. Goa was atlast liberated in 1961.

1/4th Rupia in Portuguese Goa in 1947



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