Ranmale, A forgotten folklore making a comeback

goan folklore

Long Long ago, the western ghats of Goa was densely covered with forest.  People staying here would gather fruits and tubers.  They later started clearing areas and growing cereals and vegetables.  Some started rearing goats.  Population grew and slowly villages started forming.  People would gather in the evening at the maand which was an open space with a temple of their choice of diety.

They would gossip and talk politics here.  Music was created using the ghumat.  The beats were simple and they started moving to it.  Ram was the famous incarnation of Lord Vishnu and the story of ramayan was told to every generation.  These people from villages formed groups and started performing with dance movements,  simple story telling lyrics and lots of enthusiasm,  Ranmale was born.

It begins with the Ganesh entry with Ridhi Sidhi on either side.  Ganesh Pooja is performed first at any religious function then there is the entry of saraswati or sharada with her peacock.  Then the story of Ramayan unfolds.  In between the scenes they had contemporary messages which would reach out to people.  Strategies to send the Portuguese home were weaved in between.  Slowly due to urbanisation of villages the art started dying.  Now some people from Sattari Valpoi have come together and have started performing ranmale and documenting it for future generations.


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