“Necessity is the mother of all inventions” is a very famous quote….. that is exactly why according to Sanket Naik and his business partner cum fiancé decided to launch a food related venture which they called PHEONIX FOODKART. Sanket and Karishma both engineers by training, decided to fall back in food as their entrepreneurial venture as against an engineering job or a business for more reasons than one.

Necessity being one and also out of the string of doing something different.

Well…now one will wonder🤔 what necessity???

We all know that “Times change and so do people”. There was a time when people used to prefer to eat home cooked food. Going out to eat at a restaurant was considered an alien thought.

Then came the era of fast lifestyle and fast food where people started frequenting restaurants and eatouts. This was the time when innumerable eatouts mushroomed in every nook and corner and they were always full of people wanting to eat at restaurants.

But like I said earlier “Times change and so do people”. People still wanted restaurant food  but many did not like the waiting period at restaurants. People preferred to snugly sit at home and yet enjoy restaurant food in the luxury of their homes. Many a times , circumstances demand  that food be delivered to the doorsteps.

This is where Sanket Naik and Karishma Naik saw a void, took advantage of it and created it into an opportunity for themselves. Thus came into existence Pheonix Foodkart. 
Karishma Naik a software Engineer and a web designer by training, designed a website and an app alongside. Once this was done, they had a tie-up with about four restaurants to begin with and today they are tied up with 22 restaurants in South Goa.

With an office which is based in Margao, Pheonix Foodkart currently has provided two wheelers to 8 delivery boys who deliver food… anything from breakfast to a late night snack….working from 8.00 am to 2.30 am in the night. All you have to do… when you want food delivered to your doorstep is call Pheonix Foodkart or place your order online.

Rest assured u can sit back and enjoy your meal. All orders above Rs 300/- are delivered free of delivery charges, may it be Nuvem, Navelim, Curtorim, Colva, Benaulim, Varca, Seraulim, Ravalfond, Raia or Rachol….(For those not from Goa these are places in and around Margao) A minimal fee of Rs 20/- is charged as delivery charges if he order is worth less than Rs. 300/- .

From being a Mechanical Enginner and  Software Engineer respectively running this venture and that too, successfully ..bringing smiles on the faces of foodies around town, has not been an easy task for both Sanket Naik and Karishma Naik.

Six months down the line since they began work, Pheonix Foodkart is not only making waves….and is planning to cross the borders of South Goa very soon.

About PHEONIX FOODKART in a nutshell:

Pheonix Foodkart brings to you South Goa’s First And Only Online Food Delivery Service
Phoenix Foodkart delivers food from a wide range of restaurants all over Margao!!
All Orders above ₹300 are delivered with 🤩🤯*FREE DELIVERY*!!🤯🤩
There is no minimum order limit……😘
The prices are the same as restaurant menu’s or Their Take-out menu’s…..😍

Some of the restaurants that they deliver from are
🍱 *Spicy, Sincro, Sharda Classic, Sharda Bar, Cinnamon, Rice Bowl, Bell Pepper, Tamarind, Tapri, Cafe Chococraze, Cool n Spice, Golden Fork, Shree Gomantak, AJ’s, Viva Goa, Saranga, Smugglers Inn, Toffee Doodle*🍱 and many more coming soon!! They have Unique Services called 🥟 *Chinese Stall* 🥠where authentic chinese street food is served.

And our other service is🌙🍣 *Midnight Cravings* 🌃🍱,Where you can order anytime before 2:30 am at night and they will get it delivered……

To Order Visit 💻:
Or Download their *Android App* 📱:
Or *Call us* on 📞:
Or visit and like their 🖥 *Facebook Page*:

🍔🍟🥪🍕🥙🌮☕🍵 *KEEP ORDERING ENJOY EATING* 🥘🍝🍜🍲🍛🍣🍧🍨




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