A Peep into the PEEP KITCHEN


Gaurish & Amey Naik

Take two brothers who have graduated from prestigious IHMs in India and have garnered work experience from the luxury hotel chain Marriott, sprinkle in a strong desire for entrepreneurship and love for their homeland and you get the perfect ingredients for Peep Kitchen, a restaurant that combines a luxury dining experience with the satisfaction of “Soul food”.

Peep Kitchen has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a take away food centre. Started by Gaurish and Amey Naik, with their mother Vidya Naik in 2008, they first tested the waters in Panjim confident of their mothers expertise and experience in Goan Hindu cooking. In just three years as word of mouth spread, they became wildly popular and were inundated with requests to open a restaurant. Thus began Peep Kitchen, a 70 seater, multi cuisine restaurant that focused on Goan food and take aways. In 2017 business wiz and director of Risara Hotels, Gaurang Suctankar  joined them as an investor and partner and Peep Kitchen was relocated to its current address at ‘Risara Luxury’ which boasts of a 130 seater capacity.

Peep Kitchen’s name has an interesting history, the brothers liked the idea of people being able to peep into the kitchen of their first restaurant to assure quality, as it was an open kitchen and even designed the logo to look like eyes peeping through two slats. It was their grandfather who sealed the deal by telling them that PEEP was also an acronym for ‘A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place’, one of the main principles of  the Japanese Kaizen philosophy which assumes that every aspect of our life deserves to be constantly and gradually improved.

Gaurish and Amey noticed that although most customers preferred Goan food there were also people who wanted Indian or Chinese dishes as well, so they made their menu more inclusive to satisfy every customer that walked into their restaurant. However their top 3 dishes that are super fast movers are The fish thali, the fresh seafood preparations, Tisreo pullao and Chicken Cafreal tie for third place.

Well established and much loved Peep has over the years won awards and  has been mentioned on many platforms. The Times Food Awards has recognised them with awards for Best Hindu Cuisine and Trip Advisor has ranked them in the top 5 for Best restaurants by people choice. Besides this they have been mentioned in many newspapers and magazines for their outstanding quality of food and authentic cuisine.

Loyal customers to PeepKitchen come from all over the globe to reconstruct the memories of the authentic comfort and soul food of their parents and grandparents kitchens, take away regulars demand for home delivery to places far outside the delivery area just because they love it so much. The brothers are very grateful to their well wishers for the love, support and patronage that they have received through the years and hope to constantly and gradually improve and satisfy all their customers by expanding in the future.


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