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Some say it means ‘Pure’ some say it means ‘Holy’…. while some say it means ‘God’s Gift’.. whatever be the meaning…
Like her name Pavithra Natarajan has immersed herself in the revival of the ancient hidden treasures handed down to her in the form of knowledge from her ancestors.

Born and brought up in a traditional Chennai based joint family, marriage and an extended family brought Pavithra to Goa.

She is professionally qualified as a Psychologist and also holds a dual degree Masters in Business Administration and an International Diploma in Supply Chain Management.

Pavithra is also a qualified 4th generation licensed customs broker in their 100plus years old family business.

As such, getting absorbed into the family business or landing herself a plush cushioned job was never and is still no big deal for Pavithra.

But there was a different ‘KIDA’ in Pavithras mind.
The knowledge of the elders in her family, especially in addressing minor ailments at home always fascinated Pavithra, and this has been her inspiration behind her passion.
This was the passion which gave birth to Pavithras brain child named DHAVANAM

D- Delicate
H- Harmless
V- Verified formula

Generally Dhavanam is a aromatic herb offered to the Gods and it also has medicinal properties ..Hence the name of Pavithras venture.

At Dhavanam Pavithra & her mother offer a wide range of products focussing on skin and hair

All the products under the flagship of Dhavanam are prepared exclusively using purely traditional herbs .

Once picked these herbs go through various traditional process untill they come to the final product .
All these products are made without any chemical, additives or any other allergy causing ingredients.

The products are tried and tested personally prior to serving clients.
And whats best about these products is that they are not gender specific…
Dhavanam products can be used and show equal effectiveness in case of both genders alike

Dhavanam also intends to expand the product line in the days to come.

The offerings from DHAVANAM are:

1. Herbal Body Scrub
2. Herbal Face Scrub
3. Nourishing Hair Oil
4. Nourishing Hair Pack
5. Paati’s Signature Shikakai
6. Nivarthi for Cough Relief
7. Nigraha for Cold Relief
8. Refresher Mask
9. Detan Mask
19.Anti Dandruff Powder

Every product from Dhavanam is moderately priced and shipped all over India…and even abroad.

For all your requirement from Dhavanam feel free to contact :

Phone/Whatsapp: 7499964392



For all the efforts that the company takes to bring to you the finest of products, here is a beautiful message that Dhavanam conveys… “You are naturally beautiful when you are yourself”.



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