Bengali sweet

Patishapta a Bengali sweet one of the lost recipes of Bengal is my 1st presentation.

Rice powder 3 table spoons
Maida 1 table spoon
Mawa – 100 gm
Condensed milk -1/2 cup
Sugar- 2 table spoons
Ghee -one katori
Milk -1 cup

How to make.
Mix maida, half cup milk and rice powder together add elaichi and 1 spoon of sugar to it. Keep aside.

Mix the rest of the sugar, mawa, condensed milk and the remaining milk together and boil it to a thick consistency it has to be so thick that you can form a ball.

Now the batter that you had kept aside needs to be poured in a tawa little bit just to form a small dosa.

Elongate the ball that you have formed with condensed milk and mawa and other ingredients, put it in the middle of the batter, in the form of a dosa and fold, use ghee to fry these dosas. Your Patishapta is done.


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