10 pieces of raw mature jacfruit which are thick
1/2 grated coconut
10 red gavti chillies
1tsp coriander seeds
1/2 an onion
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
A little jaggery
Salt to taste
Remove the flesh of jackfruit, cut into one inch squares with your fingers.  Remove the covering of seed and cut into half to cook faster or leave it whole.  Grind the coconut with dry red chillies,  turmeric powder,  coriander seeds,  onion. Boil the jackfruit seeds and add the flesh half way through.  The flesh cooks soon.  Add the masala,  salt and Jaggery and cook with a little water to form a thick portion. Eat this with pej or Kanji which was normally done in villages.  Or have it as an accompaniment on a veg day.  You can add dry or live prawns
Smita Patil
Author: Smita Patil

A post graduate in mathematics with a banking experience in state bank of India. Co-owner of NV Eco Agro Tourism Pvt Ltd, a private limited company having NV Ecofarm a place where nature meets adventure situated in kirlapal Dabal in dharbandora taluka. A place for family and corporate picnics and nightouts, student picnics and study tour and excursion, school camps. Enjoy staying in Wooden cottages, farmstay and tents. Proprietor of NV Eco Enterprises which are CNF agents for organic fertiliser and bio pesticides of karnataka Agro ( multiplex) and fishspa Has a website and two facebook pages nvecofarm and nvecoenterprises.


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