Only I can change my life….Sweta Chari Kumar


Born & brought up in a middle class family I started working at very young age at 19, to fulfill the requirement & to support family as I always dreamt of becoming a support system for all… It was earlier for my sisters being the eldest with 3 younger siblings and now for all woman who I come across. Qualified as an Electronics Engg, and then BCA, PGDCA, worked as testing engineer, a technician, website designer, tech writer and now a lecturer in higher secondary… In Vasco.

After switching jobs every two years unsatisfied by own self, I realized I need to do something that everyone could benefit. Some thing that could give me sort of inner satisfaction. My dad is a great support to me but he always wanted me to do job… That may be a reason I’m still stuck to a job. After marriage, I shifted to Panaji from a small village St. Estevem where I was born. My orientation towards business bloomed here as my husband was very supportive. I was on break for a year had to drop my job and was at home looking after my baby. Not sure where my life would take me..I needed help & guidance .

I wanted to take forward my clothing business but didn’t know how to go ahead..I had so many plans in mind & sleepless nights at times. Looking through the newspaper wondering whats in store for me…saw an advertisement by CIBA trianing for startups. Then there was no looking back. I grabbed the opportunity and enrolled for a Technology based Entrepreneurship Development program by CIBA, Verna. All my queries were answered here, it was a program of 8 weeks duration.This programme really boosted my energy level and quest for business. Being married in a Inter caste and inter culture family I really feel I’m blessed to have a supportive family, they supported me in all my work throughout my journey.

My little one is very well taken care of, when I am not around, Vihaan is now 4 year old. I looked out for space in Panaji and fearlessly took a space for rent. Inspired by one of my bosses, I had started an online store a year before & then my store in DESI GIRL FASHION STORE, Panaji with embriodery and stitching services was up and running.My long awaited dream had come to reality and i was so happy. During this time, I participated in various exhibitions. I took finance from EDC under CMRY scheme and brought fabrics from Mumbai, started creating my own kurti designs.

To create some uniqueness and extraordinary in my branding in fashion I ventured into embroidered bags. Embroidered bags were eye-catching for all who visited me…and i had great response. My husband was a great support for me in transferring the stock and putting the clothes & bags on was a lot of hard work indeed. I even participated in flea markets out of Goa. After a while, I realized offline store did not make sense as I was doing well in exhibitions.

As I was participating in many such events I met many women entrepreneurs having difficult times in their businesses realized we end up paying the huge fees to the organizers. At this point in my life, I met Mansi, she too had many ladies who were struggling in their business as she was working for a NGO.That’s where the idea of having our own entrepreneurs group came into existence and TARANG was born. We worked out with very minimum fees wherein the exhibitors don’t feel a pinch of paying huge fees. That’s the reason Tarang has grown several folds past few years.

Passionate about meeting new people & what I do. I believe I’m open for all business opportunity that came towards me. I have seen how people get inspired & motivated when I discuss with them about my businesses in my own house & who are in my contact change their mindset & turn towards business with my guidance. I have driven everybody into business may be my sisters or my aunts, my friends, members, colleagues. And feel glad & delighted when they give me credit for their transformation. I can only say I’m born to inspire every individual in my life.

Founder of TARANG – Empowering women


Partner at FRESHEN-Up a mobile mocktail counter.





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