Namaste Chai

Namaste chai is a chain of cafes. It is owned by Sumayya sayed and Sayed Zaheer Abbas. In Panjim it is situated in Rizvi Sadan opposite the new market complex along the INOX road. It’s a small cozy place with lots of red and yellow hues. The wall painted with a baba and namaste chai on it is witness to a lot of selfies clicked for instagram. Though the name has chai, this place boasts of a lot of mocktails, ice teas, coffee, shakes, kulfis and ice cream sundaes. The small bites available here are very delicious and makes you order for some more.

Their zafrani chai is a favourite with most chai drinkers. The flavour of zafran is very powerful and makes you order for more. They serve different hot tea flavours like your adrak(ginger) tea, masala chat, Choco chai, lemon grass chat.
The golden latte on the menu intrigued me which happens to be our turmeric milk . Any of you in need of a remedy for your coughs and cold can try the various herbal teas available. They even have black tea, green tea, black lemon tea, ginger lemon tea, ginger honey tea and detox tea. Non tea lovers need not worry because they serve coffees too.

Whether its capuchino, hot chocolate, filter coffee, mocha or latte. They have ice tea in various flavours whether its lemon mint, peach apricot, guava ginger, wild berry and passion fruit, you have a wide range to choose from. Their milk shakes I feel is the best whether its. Kesar bada, Oreo cheesecake, Chico hazelnut or rose gulkhand among a few flavours. The thick shakes are very good to beat the summer heat and refreshing and filling too. They have different flavours in ice cream and kulfis. This place serves some awesome tasty small bites. They have various flavours in cheese toast. What comes to our mind is crispy slices of bread with cheese on top. Well you are in for a surprise. These are rectangular pieces of thick soft bread with cheese powder and seasoning on top.

So we have white cheesy toast, Peri Peri toast, tandoori Rukma toast, kajun spiced toast., oregano toast, smoky barbecue toast or our simple maska toast Trust me all these are great on the palate and with chai for company what more could you ask for. Those who aren’t a fan of vegetable cutlets will fall in love with those served here. Chicken samosas are yum. Spring rolls are crisp and full with filling. Chicken pops melt in your mouth and the list goes on. Every savoury served here is so delicious that you keep asking for more. Did someone say they prefer snacks to meals? Well they must have visited namaste chai for sure. What are you waiting for?! Babaji beckons you to some chai and biskut. Oops its chai and finger bites!!


  1. Hi… Sorry to bring to your kind notice about the customer service at Panjim market branch.
    Pathetic approach to customers.
    Staff is always in a hurry to close. It has been happening for quite sometime now that we go to have tea at 8.10/8.20 or 8.30 they staight away reject to serve us!
    Today it was 5th time! Unable to figure out their exact timings!
    Secondly, the male staff with beard is very rude, once after we finished our tea and refreshments we left .. and he stopped us asking for the payment without even check at with the cashier girl!!! And it is always a prepaid service then how can he stop the customer and that too in very ill manner!
    Have pledged to never enter again!
    Very very bad!
    Do something!


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