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Every women should look for their hidden talents and spark life into it… !!

I am almost approaching middle age now… but my heart refuses to believe..
I have soo many hidden ambitions and aspirations within me…which even if suppressed from one end, they pop out in another form.

Since childhood I always had leadership qualities. I would always be the ahead in all activities, games n play … which continued till my final year of college wherein i was elected as the General Secretary of our college. I graduated from the Goa college of Home science, specialized in textiles, keeping in mind that textiles has lot of scope in creativity which I was passionate about.

I Did a few more courses after my graduation and got married at the age of 22 and from there two new stories began.
1. Motherhood
2. An Entrepreneur in me was born

I conceived soon after I got married. But my love for creativity kept popping up. Despite being 6 months pregnant I conducted classes at home for hand embroidery and tie n dye…
When i was 8 months pregnant, I even got a call from an institute in Margao to be a faculty for their program to teach hand embroidery.. which I whole heartedly accepted and did with my husbands support. Then ended up taking a break from everything till my son was one n half year old.

Once again returning to my passion I conducted exhibitions of hand dyed and embroidered kurtis… wherein all the dying of the kurtis was solely done by me.Later I took up a job in an insurance company . Then I also ran a boutique successfully for few years..
After my third child was born I got engrossed with my old college journal and thought of revising my matter on food n baking. I enrolled in a class to upgrade n refresh my skills.I then began baking at home , which was much appreciated by family and friends.

And this appreciation n motivation resulted in one masterpiece followed by another. With Encouragement from friends and family I agreed to accept orders.. which I was very hesitant about. My very first order was for my best friend.. and from there it all took off .
Gradually I had a collection of cake pics and my mom suggested “Nadia’s SweeTooth” a name to showcase all my work on Facebook.. Little did I know that soon i would have a fan following of plus 2000 people.

Nadia’s sweetooth is now become a brand by itself and people come looking for me even from far away places..
To keep up to high standard work, I enrolled in many other baking and desserts classes with top indian cake artist in pune, Bangalore, mumbai and Delhi. And also got an opportunity to get trained by international cake artists. I attended various seminars and bakers convention which helped me in upgrading my skills.

Simultaneously , I had a number of requests to teach n share my skills… which I turned down for a long time considering my three kids at home. Finally there came a day and I decided to start with workshops and here I am ……. I hv already trained more than 100 women in just few months.. Its very over whelming to hear ladies say.. I inspired them.. and I am their idol.. 🙏🙏🙏 .

God has something for everyone… and whats is for you – will come your way.. and what is not – will not….
I strongly believe in this thus I whole heartedly share the knowledge, that I gained from all the sessions and trainings I attended. … giving my students proper guidance to become successful in their career.

I have also received The achievers award 2018. And the Proud awards 2019. Entering the world of baking has been my best endeavors so far.. Like for me.. I very much am my own boss, I am not answerable to anyone for my work and earn some money for my self..all this right from the comfort of my house.. !!

Like my mom says .. a skilled person will never be jobless…
I definately will not forget to mention about all the support i received from my parents , husband, kids n few friends.Ending on the same note I began… Every women should look for her hidden talents n spark life out of it… !!!

If I can do it… why cant u ?


  1. Being a very close friend of her mum, I know Nadia since she was a teenager..& I love her positive attitude & cheerful nature inspiteof all that she has gone through. She is a non stop entertainer in all our picnics & outings. Her cakes are THE BEST in Goa & for any important birthdays for me,my family & friends,I always order from her & have never been disappointed. Highly recommend her if you are looking for something extraordinary!!

    • Omg…. thts was a super Awesome feedbck. !!
      Thank u sooooo much for alwys being there.
      Thanx again for all the love and appreciation. ❤❤❤

  2. Wow. This article gave a little insight of your journey to far. I remember ordering a cake from you for my friend’s birthday. Now when I see your work being appreciated so much by so many people, it reminds me of the same order I placed with you in the initial days where you were a little nervous and would ask for feedback on the phone. I am so proud of you. You have no idea how much of a delight it is to see women like you achieve their dreams. Your charismatic personality and will to face challenges will take you even further in life.

    All the best Nadia. Keep growing, keep inspiring!!!


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