My Business Story By Sonia Shetkar

I remember the day, when cliched as it may sound, The voice inside of me almost ringing in my ears saying! “Sonia you can’t live life like this, you have to do what you love!”
I use to work in retail as the store manager. Fresh out of the oven,
M. Com graduate. Jumped into the sea of retail.
Fast forward one and a half year, and it came a point where I said to myself ,”I can’t do this anymore”. I could feel my personality,creativity and happiness draining out of me. It took a toll on my health too.
Back to present day…
It’s very odd, I Always hated studying,but I loved teaching, I would go to college in the mornings and give tuitions in the evenings.
I use to see the books of my students and there I saw the sad reality. The education system today is getting worse! I couldn’t bear to see kids learning the wrong things, wrong methods, wrong spellings.I could go on and on, but I said, “you know what,I’m going to change this as much as I can”. I am going to make these kids fall in love with learning.
That’s when I joined my mom in her nursery school, (of 19 years) where we plant the seeds to grow and the real game changer is the tuitions cause that’s where we have to uproot the weeds so that they can continue growing.
Well that’s not all! I always wanted to do something on my own, and somehow my hobby of baking cakes turned into a passion and now a home business.
I happened to also be amongst those with a crazy sweet tooth.The best chocolates I got to eat were the ones from abroad. Since I used to miss eating them, I tried recreating them at home and I’ve gotten pretty close.
 I put all my love into the things I make, bake or create. Just like kids, I give it all special attention.
A normal job was never my thing. Right from start I wanted something of my own. It was the belief in myself that was missing. Though hundreds of people don’t believe in your dream, even 1 person who motivates you can make those 100 disappear.
Eventually I just jumped right into it, without listening to the “what if’s”and “buts”. I know that the journey won’t be smooth, but it’s going to be a great one.
“Cause hey if you don’t jump, you won’t learn to swim.”
My brand name is:
Our School name is:

and I’m a young entrepreneur whose still figuring things out one day at a time.


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