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Hi,my name is Aparna Patil. I started Munchkins around five years back. Prior to this I used to work in Mumbai but had to return to Goa to take care of my ailing mother. After she passed away I never wanted to go back to the corporate world. My mother always wanted me to take up crocheting, however I was not so keen back then.

I learnt to crochet about six years ago, and when I started I knew just the basic four to five stitches and made only small items like coasters. Every time I went to a gift store I used to be fascinated by the toys, so I pushed myself to learn in depth. I googled and read about different possible patterns. Studied videos on YouTube and practiced on my own designed. What I do is called “AMIGURUMI CROTCHET”, it is a Japanese form of crocheting small doll like stuffed toys.

We make all kinds of customized gifts from return gifts for a birthday party to souvenirs for a friend, from soft key chains to festivity specific showpieces, be it a Minion or Snowman. Under my brand Munchkins, I have also taken classes and conducted workshops to teach simple basic patterns. Today I sell my stuff through a few stores and a some channels online as well. I have been associated with GoWomania on Facebook for the past two years and have been actively selling my products on their platform and have been very successful in doing so. I have also received an appreciation award as the star of the month from Go Womania.

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