Oseola McCarty was a washerwoman in hattiesburg, Mississippi USA. She made a living by washing and by ironing clothes. Every week when she would get paid, she would deposit a small amount in the bank. She did this for years and years.

On her retirement the bank staff told her of the amount which was collected, she was shocked as she never kept track of the same. She decided to give away a huge sum of money to the University of Southern Mississippi, and requested it to be used for scholarship to African American students. After that she became world famous n was also awarded the doctorate. She died in 1998.

What do we learn from this story??? CONSISTENCY in savings, DO NOT TOUCH THE MONEY TILL YOUR RETIREMENT, GIVING CHARITY CAN BE PLANNED FOR TOO. this story touched my heart, we should aspire to be like her, a true saver and a large giver. Wisdom of the washerwoman…God bless her!!!
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