Miramar is located just 3 kms from Panaji. It is located adjoining the estuary of the river Mandovi as it opens into the Arabian Sea.

How to reach Goa Miramar Beach

This lovely ‘urban’ beach is like the beaches in Mumbai, It was known as ‘Gasper Dias Beach’ and now as Miramar. It is both a meeting point and a family beach especially for the locals during the evenings and the weekends Miramar. With its proximity to Panaji, and situated near educational institutions. Gaspar Dias, a booming landlord and at which a Portuguese fort once stood in the fag end of the century.

Miramar Beach in Goa 

miramar beach in ga

There is the memorial  of the first chief minister of Goa Shri.Dayanand Bhandodkar. From the beach across the river is the beautiful view of Fort Aguadaand Candolim Including the spacious and well laid out Miramar Residency run by GTDC, dot the region.

Tourists love the atmosphere. Numerous hotels, For people. It is also a hot spot for fitness fiends as well as walkers.


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