We, the residents of MILROC KADAMBA, on the suggestion of Dr Swayamsidha Andhale have agreed to partake in a unique activity of clean up of the Old Goa bypass…
Here’s a little bit about how and what motivated this doctor to take up this drive.

Dr. Swayamsidha a resident of Milroc Kadamba, is an ENT surgeon by profession. She has taken a step forward to organize a drive for cleanliness of Old Goa bypass. She says that since her childhood she was trained by her parents regarding hygiene and discipline. Right from household chores to how a hand towel has to be arranged on the stand was literally drilled into her head.
As she grew up she felt blessed to be a Goan, because we Goans were known for our clean surroundings. But in the last few years she says that this picture has changed and it’s not a scenic one!!Everyday on her way to work she sees nothing but plastic bags and bottles and amidst this she feels that the beauty of our land is being lost somewhere.

Her human tendency made her blame the tourists, the officials, etc like many of us do, but then it occurred to her that she is behaving no different. That was the day she decided to stop thinking and start acting.She remembers, that once her sister single handedly, for hours together, cleaned a huge stretch along the Miramar beach. How proud she felt about her!

This was enough motivation for her to start this drive. She got tremendous support from other residents of her colony, family and friends.
We shall gather at the main gate of MILROC KADAMBA at 6.30A.M. on Sunday 05/05/2019.
Therefore she says…“Together we plan to make this drive successful!! Wish us luck!!”Yes Dr. Swayamsidha we stand by you to make our very own Goa , A Clean Goa….A Green Goa..



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