This is a very touching incident which I couldn’t avoid but share with my foodie family.
The fb group not being the right platform for the same I decided to pen it down in the Eat Out Series…

METHIYANCHI PEEJ a very traditional goan sweet which used to be made in every goan household on some occasion or otherwise…However now not made very frequently.

Few days ago we were having a chat / discussion exchanging if any old traditional eatery anywhere in Goa, do still make such traditional delicacies like mugachen kannan, mangane, methiyanch peej etc…to which I mentioned that my mother in law used to make all these but unfortunately I never learnt it from her.

My favourite amongst all was Methiyanchi peej and how I am craving to eat it.
To this my dear friend and admin Smita Patil immediately and very lovingly offered to specially make it for me…the topic went on and died down….Yesterday after many many days I suddenly receive a message on the messenger from one our foodie buddies Ms.Asha Khaunte , asking me if I live in Milroc Kadamba to which I replied in the positive.

She got to know from her daughter in law that I live in MK and so do they.
And to my great surprise and joy she asks me which block, as she has made methiyanchi peej and she wanted to come and give some to me , at my place…The delicacy was so traditional, delicious amazing, awesome yummy, finger-licking, out of this world tasty…I can go on and on and on… 

The proportion of the coconut milk and jaggery to the fenugreek / methi seeds to the liquid consistancy of the peej was just perfect…and to add to the flavour was the traditional taste maker …haldichen paan…which I remember, my grandmother my maami my mother and my mother in law …all alike used to store when available and use at the right time in the right dish.

Not only was I touched and humbled by her gesture…i got a very big realisation from this whole episode…By way of Goan Eatouts and Eat out Series what started as a fun and passion activity….not only have we  grown so much in number but we have managed to maintain a great family like support amongst each other which we all should nurture and should be proud of as a foodie family… 

Hats off to a lady who remembered a month old facebook conversation ..Thank u Ashatai …u made my day…🤗


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