This small elongate, about 5 kms north of Colva Beach, is as pretty as a picture, studded with several resorts, the most notable being the Welcome Majorda Beach Resort. The delights of the shore were discovered in times.

Legend has it that in the Goan version of the Ramayana, Lord Rama was kidnapped as a child and brought up in Majorda. Later, at Cabo de Rama – a headland south, he camped in pursuit of Sita – in which developed beaches’ stretch finishes.

Majorda is the village in which the Jesuits, fond as they were of those good things of life, found that the very best Goan toddy (sap from the coconut palm), they used to leaven the bread.Naturally, then, Majorda is the place where the Goans were trained at the delicate art of baking European breads. The Majordans are still the best bakers of Goa.


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