Shawarma Cafe was from where I tried my shawarma this time for a change. 
Its a new joint very close to Caritas St.Inez .

They have a variety of Shawarmas including Veg Shawarma, this place also sells items like sandwiches panrolls home made arabic cakes and the likes. Besides packed juices they have a tea and coffee wending machine too…

LAFANSA….A very unusual name I thought, so as my parcel was getting ready i got talking to the owner and asked her what LAFANZSA meant and I got an answer which was very innovative…. the name of the cafe represented the first alphabet of each of their nice is that … I thought to myself.

One more thing I noticed about the shawarmas was they put in a lot of toppings like iceberg lettuce, french fries , pickles, olives and  jalapenos depending upon the flavours you ask for. This I guess makes the shawarma a wee bit more expensive than the rest.

The taste is however awesome and juicy with generous amount of mayo stuffed inside, the chicken being very well cooked.

You also get a choice of bread rolls and khaboos.

Hygiene levels are good although i always prefer any shawarma set up inside the shop space. A good experience worth the try.

Gouri Joshi
Author: Gouri Joshi

I am a Lawyer by profession. Presently a non practising advocate trying to touch base with my love for writing which I realised only after I gave up my legal profession. I have taken up writing as a second innings career and would be most happy if my writing skills can be of any help to all and anybody. I presently operate food groups on facebook called "GoanEatouts", "Eatout Series" and"India Eatouts".


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