Mrs. Shraddha Khalap started with Jai Foundation 6 months back.
Mission- we at Jai Foundation believe if you want to see a real change in the society, you have to be that change yourself.  So we strive at transformation of a volunteer into a leader vehicle for positive change in society.
Our Vision-  our Vision is to create a chain of social leaders who will lead the society to resolve its issues.
We at Jai Foundation are addressing the following issues at present.
1. Women hygiene in public .
2. Women sanitary hygiene.
3. Public washrooms for women.
4. Employment generation for women.
5. Women empowerment.
6. Legal aid for women.
7. Aid for the underprivileged children.
8. Aid for children in the government schools.
9. Sports and Arts scholarship.
10. Sanitary napkins donation bank.
11. Old recycled items donation bank.


  1. wow that’s amazing. I am amazed to notice that in a very short period of time Jai foundation is being looking into so many aspects. I have been reading the Facebook posts about Jai foundation. your approach makes me feel good and HAPPY. Keep up your good work.
    well done


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