Innovative Creations

Gifts are an important part of any celebration and what is more than something handcrafted for the occasion and a personal touch to elevate the sprits of the recipient! Resonant with this idea I started putting my creativity into little gifts and received overwhelming appreciation for my art and creative creations.
Flowers are something that attracts the young and old with no difference. The flora in various places that I’ve been to, including the famous Brindavan Gardens in Mysore when I was a child, fascinated me and were always a special part of the artist in me.

Flowers wither when they are separated from the plant, and so whenever I wanted to gift someone flowers, I tried to use materials like paper, nylon, satin and organza fabric to create replicas of flowers that I’ve know or read about.It was not until a Christmas day when I was invited to a dear friend’s place for a celebration. I wasn’t sure what would make a perfect gift and so decided to skillfully craft a beautiful vase with left over magazines and a bunch of nylon roses to go in them.Every guest that evening was fascinated by this vase and it was an instant advice from the host that I should take my art to a larger audience.

Not very long after this day, I was talking to a friend who was looking for flowers to distribute for a religious ceremony at a Chappell and I told her about my passion. We both agreed on creating Calla lillies and my creation impressed her so much that I got my first order for 80 of them. The word passed on and I started getting orders for flower vases to be given as return gifts, birthdays and celebrations at schools and colleges.

We had a cleanup at home one day and I found that there was a huge stash of magazines with fine quality paper in our loft. Going with the concept of best out of waste, I tried making baskets and vases bigger than my earlier creations, and to my surprise they were not just elegant but extremely sturdy. Today I use a lot of these baskets to hold items like pens, jewelry, and little daily use items around the house.

These baskets when exhibited were receiving a lot of positive feedback and there were folks who were on the lookout to include this as a part of their interior décor. It was this time that I realized how unique and beautiful my creations are.I have a niece who is a total drama queen, and she had a beautiful Cinderella dress for her fifth birthday, and there was not a matching hair accessory that pleased her. I had some satin ribbons and fabric handy and tried out a clip and a headband, and she was delighted by the look of it. It was almost that I stole her thoughts and crafted it. She was the happiest kid around the block with the headband hosted on her beautiful tresses.

Thereafter I started crafting headband and accessories from fabric leftover after beautiful dresses are stitched. Doing this was an advantage as the accessories matched the dresses and gowns perfectly. It also helped me overcome the difficulty of raw materials which were not available easily at a price that could make up for my selling price. I slowing started expanding my network and tried to travel to cities like Mumbai and Chennai to gather raw materials at a more economic advantage.

It didn’t stop there and I started quilling earrings and expanded them to silk thread jewelry all embellished with beautiful beads. No prizes to guess that these were equally appreciated and gifted me with a wide class of clientele.It has been two years that I have actively participated in exhibitions across Goa and have had overwhelming response for my creations making me a proud entrepreneur.That is me Savitri Shirodkar from Cortalim and the proprietor of my dream venture ‘Pankhudee’ which means ‘Petal’ that is part of every little creation of mine.


  1. Beautiful Savitri..I know u have come a long way through with a lot of hard work n efforts that u have put in for so many years.. so proud to see u succeeding in your passion n the gifts n articles u make with a personal touch.. u have a long way to go girl…just keep doing what u do n u wud soon see your beautiful art touching many hearts. Everyone works hard to pursue their passion but u have successfully perused ur passion to make ur dream come true..Beautifully expressed n wishing u all the success..good luck

  2. I have watched Savitri blossom and grow in the past two years . A Multi talented lady with a sweet smile and very pleasant demeanour ! Wishing you all the luck and good wishes for your passionate and flowery journey !


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