Good morning Goa!!!

How’s the trend of economy going ????
Answers we receive are demonetization killed us, no cash flow, GST has made us bleed, real estate has been stagnant since 2013, gold same story, fixed deposit rates are falling, nifty n sensex is volatile, elections in the country. In Goa hotels were 65% full and mining ban hit us all badly too. Let us understand how the money market moves.

Equity market is the capital market.Bond market locked in for 8 years.Real estate is fairly stagnant.Commodities market which is steel, alloy, metal and gold is growing at 3% rate.
Currency market is all our dollars, euro, pounds, which is connected to the international oil prices! We can play in the derivatives market which is 1.6 lac crore. Money moves in the above 5 markets only. This is our existing market today. Our India GDP growth is 14000 crores. This is the new money!!!

So we have hope, amidst all the financial melt downs and chaos we can easily predict that INDIA will be a 7 billion dollar economy. Let’s dare to dream with innovation. We are blessed with a huge population who are to be customers. There is a rainbow for all who are dreamers. It depends on you if you will be a candle or a generator or an inverter or a power house!!! Make your choice now….dream big!!!

This is khairoo signing off, Have a super smiling day ahead
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