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Goa is know for Sun Sand and Sea, same way Financial planning depends on Dignity, Duty, Debts and Dreams!!!

Duty….what duty?
Whose duty?? Why me ??

We have 2 main duties one towards our self and another towards our loved ones. If we have aging parents staying with us its our duty to provide them with love n care and all that will make them happy n comfortable in their sunset days ahead. Besides this we should buy a health cover for them in case of hospitalisation. Today medical insurance covers them for life too.

The 2md duty is towards our spouse, in case we are there we will provide pension but what if we are not there, then have we planned for their old age. Today the fear of living too long haunts us all. If we take 1000 rs a day as simple calculation, in one year we will need 36,50,000 per anum to live by minimum value calculation. Have u provided for this duty of yours ???

There is a scientific calculation to do the need based analysis and life line too. If we have minor children then till they are 25 years we must provide for their education and marraige too. This is also part of our duty, our children come from us, they are the choices we make hence we must plan for them too. All our duties must be fulfilled with proper scientific calculation, so as to arrive at a correct figure of financial planning.

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