Good morning!
It’s the holiday season and time to focus on travel and rejuvenation of the mind body and soul.
When we travel we meet fellow travel companion and we become friends at the end of the holiday. It would be uncomfortable to think of them as your potential clients rather what we could do is just take interest in them and gel on common interest.

So *Shared interest* like cooking, quiz solvers, or common work outs too. It’s easy to start with coffee n go to drinks later during the trip.
*Sports* a common hobby or a sports game can be of great bonding. This can be a ice breaker to share experience too.
*Drinks* simply stopping for some drinks and admiring the scenery can be a start to a conversation.
*Social media* if you both are on LinkedIn then now you can be connected too.
*Their work* something in their work is of interest to you and you feel you can listen to more of the same.
*Some family problems* you have heard their story and been empathetic towards them, you can keep in touch to know how the story turns out.

Best way to keep in touch is though what’s app on festivals n special days, as well as through social media. You will keep in touch without pushing your product and as your friendship deepens and if your friend needs your skill he will call upon your help for the same. So enjoy your holidays and happy networking and bonding for life.

This is khairoo signing off
Have a super smiling day ahead.
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