HABENERO Written by Rhia Lotlikar Rai @ goan eatouts

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Bored of the usual food junctions and palate, we decided to try a new palate and dropped straight to the Mexican world – Habanero – Truly TEX-MEX , Goa’s First authentic TEX-Mex restaurant.

Habanero is actually one of the varieties of Hot Chilli pepper which is used in the cuisine and if you would notice the Logo of this place depicts the Chilli. Located in the busy lane of Baga this place is worth the try for True Mexican Cuisine. With a warm welcoming and Lovely Ambiance and the truly Mexican hacienda draws you to the real world of Mexico.

 Habanero is a vibrant place to kick back and relax with friends and family. The layout is similar to those ranches in Texas with benches as stouts and vibrant colors and murals. They have these pretty and variety of Mexican Sombreros ( HATS) they have kept on every table to click pictures with and wear them on while eating if u want to get the feel. Live Performances and music shows along with their own brewery of beer “Segado” is also something one would want to visit this place. The Goa franchise is ably led by the dynamic sister brother duo , Pooja and Rohan Ghotage. During our visit there we had a little word with him and the Manager Ms. Agnes , they enlightened us with their insights of the place and the menu and the dishes to be ordered and savored on . Rohan proudly mentions that their food is authentic with freshest ingredient’s sourced locally.

As suggested by the manager and chefs, we tried their Jalapeño poppers , these were chefs handmade creation which are bite sized breaded ovals with melted cheese centers, served with a cheesy dip . Macho Nacho , corn chips that was served with sour cream and  guacamole. Mexican Taco Salad, this one said “ in a bowl you could eat” a big crispy shell filled with lettuce, avocado, beans,corn, cucumber, tomato & olives served with a spicy ranch dressing. The big crispy shell after being brought to the table with the filling is crushed with chefs hands and mixed to make a delicious salad!! Chipotle Chicken skewers, Tender chunks of chicken grilled over open flame and glazed with a sweet spicy chipotle chilli glaze. These come in vegetarian option too!!!

For the mains , Ms. Agnes suggested to try out ,Chicken Burrito ,a large flour tortilla folded around grated cheese and these come in different stuffing’s of your choice . Chicken peri peri Grilled platter is also something to savor on , with roasted corn and Mexican rice as side dish. They have something called as sampler plate, which was mentioned by the manager which serves one burrito bowl, soft crispy taco shell, one mini burrito or one mini chimichanga with the pick of veg or non veg filling incase you are confused on what to eat and what not to eat. They have a wide variety of dishes to try out , like the Fajitas and yummy burgers too. By the end of trying out so many delicious dishes we were stomach happy and promised that we would come again to try out the other set of dishes lined in the menu along with the cocktails/mocktails and even the desserts. Lovely sunday evening  out and a different experience, we enjoyed our meal thoroughly.



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