Guru-Shishya Parampara continues…


“Ranjana” means Delightful, One who entertains others, One who brings Joy to others, Fun, Pleasant and charming and fighter. A true artists weapon. Without patience there is no perfection.Started with a passion in art and creativity and Education,Ranjana got attracted to intricate designs since childhood.So much, that her handwriting during primary school was fine as anybody could imagine.Since my school days I’ve dabbled in different arts and activities but taken each one seriously and competitively.

Be it in , sports, even volunteer work! My room bears testimony to that – state winner for badminton and certificates for various curricular and sports activities I’ve found that push me on, motivate me and encourage me ;even gave me a safety net to believe in myself in the times I did encounter failure.
Having completed my formal education in, and than MBA( HR & Marketing) from well renowned institute from M.P. Indore ,After I started working , I started my career working with Gajravevel Gears an automobile manufacturing industries and worked in different industries. Having great experience working in HR and Marketing and sales and having flair of training……and along with my studies I have completed my Textile Designing course which is purely related with art and fabric.

In 2009, I moved to Goa after my Marriage but I struggled a lot to get a good job in my own field of Hr& training & development but somehow I managed to start working in an NGO as a Project Manager but, I was not so happy for the same so side by side I started looking for better opportunity, this way I managed few years in Goa but not so happy with Goa because of less opportunity as well as the bad salary structure in Goa Market ..

But from 2015,I am completely working with my husband into education “Lakshya Academy” As Lakshya Academy is started in 2011 as a training institute for training for all competitive exams(Banking, MBA, GPSC, GRE , GMAT, Admission in India & Abroad) so I handled here training student for competitive exams, I am very proud to say about our result for banking , and MBA, One of the most important reason to join because I have to take care of adorable son “ADITYA” & the other reason here I am getting work flexibility to handle home and work…Know

I am working as a women entrepreneur where I am helping student to get better results but still something is lacking and pinching in my life and my husband is behind me since marriage as he has seen my passion towards art always trying to push me to do different workshops and organized paintings exhibition but I want to work (job) to handle home and financial trauma….Juggling work, home and personal choices was not easy.

So I am working very euphuistically in education sector as Goa has totally different market with different mindset for education where we have to struggled to make them understand about their career choices , In Goa I found student are not highly ambitious and focused for the good future goals…While Working in Education sector I understand the student is lacking quality faculties and result so in mid 2016 I started a venture “ GURU SHISHYAACADEMY” which is purely focus towards home tuition all across Goa and I am having a good team of faculties who is producing good result and giving personalized touch to the students …However there was this constant thought at the back of my mind that there was something lacking.

I began mine when I set on a pursuit to connect with my inner creativity.So in 2014 I met my dear friend “Siya Shaik ” rest I was not having any friends in Goa as I am from Madhya Pradesh indore since 9 years I was alone without friend , My life was ghar-office-ghar-office nothing innovative , So in 2016 I took part in one exhibition with the help of my friend Siya where I exhibited my art than my journey starts of creativity and now no look back.So I named this venture of creativity on my son name which is purely dedicated to my loving &adorable son “ ADITYA CREATION” in 2018 under this venture I have conducted many workshops and camps in different places in school,colleges and with association of institute,Recently I worked with govt, department ( Art and culture) in north and south Goa.

Nevertheless, this transformation would have been impossible without the unconditional support and encouragement of my parents and close friends.Now, my only motive is to make a name for myself in the field of education and art . And Recognize me with my name Ranjana It was always a priority for me to be recognized for my talent and hard work and this is the field I find reflects my trust form.

I’m eternally grateful to the people who have pulled me through my low points and my interest in this not just for my own benefit; I know how proud they will be when they finally see me achieve my dreams.
Still learning and have a long way to go but if what they say about life being a journey is true, then I’m determined to make the best of every opportunity and moment given to me to achieve what I’m meant for. And I believe when you keep aiming surely you will achieve it…Being a strong women myself I never give up, passing a message to every women who has dreams for themselves that, “never stop dreaming and work towards that dream, give your hundred percent to that and never give up, believe in yourself and keep moving towards the goals.”


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